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texico - a creating of the mind of kris keyser, texico is a fictional spaceship, with an artificial atmosphere and a genetically engineered population, only the perfect hunters, and the perfect prey can live here, the population is mostly 'Predators (form the popular sci-fi film "alien vs predator") Humans, and parrots, the population of parrots is so high it can keep both of the superior races sustained for approximately 30,000,000 years before extinction, the planet is belived to be a giant spaceship, which was originally built to be part of a gameshow, but was lost to the depths of space when a cosmic storm hit the planet causing it to fly out of orbit around the sun. It is now belived to still be floating around the expanse of the universe..
Hey, have you ever been to texico?

Nope, but it hear its pretty awesome!

Yeah, that guy called 'Kris Keyser' is the president there.

He's awesome.
by Eztac1337 December 04, 2010
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