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A homie, a lover and a best friend. Romantic and large penis having man. He is a hard worker and a great provider for his family. He is truly crazy about his first love. No literally,he would kill over her. He will never be happy in life or complete without her. God is a major factor in his success besides her. He will make a great, husband, father, lover and a great success.
Tevon and Linda is the cutest couple. They were truly made for each other.
by truthful274 December 22, 2013
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Tevon is sweet,funny,and sometimes mean when u tell him what to do , but he love his friends and family
Many people want to be friends with tevon
by Treere April 14, 2017
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Tevon is a really cool, down to earth, sexy person. He's funny, smart, and sweet. There are a lot of people that wish that they could be him because he's so great. They're even jealous of his relationship. He's one of the sweetest guys around and I know his boyfriend is glad to have him.
Tevon is extremely sexy
by Tbabiee October 09, 2013
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