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The man who appears into your life out of nowhere and is always understanding. Makes you feel like home within 5 minutes of meeting him and is a wise soul. Used to do foolish acts; such as getting into relationships with people he has no business being with, but does so to be loved.

Teveshan is a gentle soul. Always tries to do right by his friends and family, but rarely, unintentionally, messes up. What he wants most in life is to be understood.

When you're in need of him, he drops everything in his hands and helps you despite the consequences.

He believes that little changes in our daily routine can have huge differences in our future. Similar to using a time machine to go back and change something so little, yet has a monumental change. Similar to the butterfly effect, per se.

Simply sitting next to him on a bench with the rustle of the leaves as the only music, you will feel safe.
I've never met anyone like Teveshan before
by KeyC89 July 21, 2018
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