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One who has the characteristics of a badass.
That fellow is a real teros, he doesn't take crap from anyone.
by DaveMalone November 24, 2007
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A Tero is a commonly used slang term used to define an achievement earned in World of Warcraft.
Aled has earned the achievements Lil' Game Hunter!
Indrick: Grats on your TERO!
by Notely May 17, 2009
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Tero is a name you can use for someone...

-who is really special.

-who has a big heart.

-who cares for his friends.

-who treats special people so well that it might hurt.

-who is open, honest and trustworthy.

-who is good to talk with.

-who is loads of fun to hang out with.

-whose hug is warm and strong.

-who makes you feel safe.

-who has a great sense of humor.

-who is a precious friend.
"Tero is such a likable guy!"
by vgbnd April 26, 2010
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The word tero is a word that has no meaning. It can be an acronym or it can be a song or an artist. Tero is nothing. It is used to annoy people.

You can use the word tero to annoy people and make them keep thinking about what it means. It is funny to watch them search tero on google or guessing what an acronym for tero could be. Human curiosity is very perplexing.

Tero is a word to confuse and used to entertain yourself. That is tero's purpose on this earth.
Jayk: What does tero mean?
Chris: ?
Jayk: The one on your aim status?
Chris: Oh, ill tell you senior year.
Jayk: fuck, can't you just tell me now.
Chris: I can't it will ruin the meaning.
(Jake frantically searches tero on google)
Jayk: Is it a band or a song or is it foreign?
Chris: I'm not telling :)
Jayk: Fuck you Chris
by The King's Saint March 08, 2009
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