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nickname Rongo.. someone who is extremely creative in all ways, especially in the performing arts and visual arts. Is inspiring and imaginative, caring and thoughtful. He is is his own person, and leads with pride and mana. he sets high standards for himself and leads by example, and inspires others by his example. he is a fun and crazy friend to have, and an exciting and unique, one of a kind boyfriend. Any girl to nab an Terongonui, would be a fool to let him go. Terongonuis are their own special breed, and if you meet one in your lifetime, you are truly richer for it.
guy 1: man hes got some skills
guy 2: i wanna hate him, but hes just so damn awesome
guy 1: hell yes bro, any party without Terongonui, just aint a party!
by nekminnut November 30, 2011
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