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A loyal friend and a beautiful woman who doesn't need peoples compliments to lift her spirits. A girl who doesn't let the opinions of others consume her and refuses to worry about issues that she knows will resolve on their own. Tenujiah is not shy, she's very confident and never afraid to express her opinion. She's down to earth, caring and will give you her last dollar, just make sure you don't wrong her because it will be the last thing you remember doing. She's a firecracker (a good one), knows how to get that spark going. She's very choosy when it comes to men but when she finds her ideal man, she won't stop until she has him. She's protective but not controlling, very lit as long as you don't mess with her and take what's rightfully hers. She's been known to put people in plaster or hospital. She's fearless, fiesty and funny. You can't help but love Tenujiah, she's adorable and her kindness will mellow your heart.
Slow friend: "What's wrong with Tenujiah, she hasn't been answering my calls?"
Witty friend: "Maybe if you called outside her working hours she might answer you"
Slow friend:"Oh, but i do, I called her at 9pm and she still doesn't answer"
Witty friend: "Ohh, she probably has a new boyfriend. You know what she's like, when she's in love she forgets about her friends"
by letsbubbleteau&me December 13, 2017
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