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A retarded faggot who is obsessed with saying "I like pie", yo momma jokes, and potatoes. They also insist that potato is spelled potatoe, which just proves how stupid they really are.
Tom: I raped that bitch in COD!
Zach: I raped yo momma in pokemon!
Random kid: OHHHHHHHH BURN!!!
Tom: Dude, you're acting like a ten year old.
Random kid: OHHHH HE OWNED YOU!!
Zach: Well, you're acting like a potatoe! Which IS spelled with an e on the end! BTW I like pie.
Tom: No it isn't, you uneducated fag. Why do I even talk to you?
Zach: Because I'm incredibly swag!
Tom: (Walks away)
Random kid: You'd better run!
Tom: (Beats the shit out of Zach and random kid)
by xHilarious iFunny January 11, 2015
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