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The typical fake person that lives in the city of Temecula, California.

A Temeculite girl can be easily spotted because she always wears designer clothing that just screams, "Hi, I'm a prep!" These girls tend to be very stuck up and wouldn't hesitate to comment on how tacky the clothes you bought at K-mart are. They drive around in their BMWs and Mustang's their Daddy's bought them for their sweet 16 birthdays that they love to show off infront of your pathetic Pinto. If they are not seen driving their own car, they are seen riding in their boyfriends' big raised truck, also referred to as a Bro Truck.

The Temeculite guy tends to always dress in the preppiest of clothing with collared polo shirts to show off their big arms and muscles. They are always seen wearing Arnette sunglasses, especially when driving their Bro Trucks.

Both are just as fake as each other and think nothing could be worse than being called 'un-cool' by their peers.
Hi, I'm a Temeculite, and I'm better than you because I just am.
by Juhachi April 16, 2006
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