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The "sea-elves", in the work of Tolkien. One of the three clans of elves who crossed the sea (under the leadership of Olwe), although the elves led by Cirdan, who remained in a region of Beleriand known as the Falas, are also counted among the Teleri. (The Sindar, who are of the same clan, appear to be considered separate because they did not reach the sea).

Closest to Ulmo among the Valar, the Teleri dwell in coastal towns whether in Valinor or Middle-Earth. They play a minor role in the Silmarillion; their main dwelling-places in Beleriand were the cities of Vinyamar and Eglarest in the Falas. In Lord of the Rings, the elves dwelling in Lindon and the Grey Havens, including the still-resident Cirdan, are Teleri.
The Teleri are great ship-builders, although their greatest ships were stolen by Feanor and the Noldor in the Kinslaying. These ships were later burnt by Feanor at Loscar, in a gesture of hostility towards Fingolfin, whom he had left in the lands near Valinor.
by Andy April 25, 2004
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