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A TV contender (usually from a reality show), who becomes famous for stupidity, fecklessness, imbecilic behaviour, naivety, crudeness, rudeness and general chav behaviour and chav attitudes (see Chav in the dictionary).

A telechav is really a super-chav who, once famous, has the means and media exposure to expand the bounds of chavism:

· They can spend more time and money at the hairdressers having chemicals put on their hair to make it look like a cheap sparkly nylon wig.
· They can get drunk/drugged up more often and get into more fights and have sex in a better class of toilet.
· They have baby chavs (rather than use the chav contraceptive -an ab….) and call the little chavs stupid names and dress the creatures in miniature chav outfits (branded sports clothes/shoes that sell for 200 times more than they cost to produce) and have the little chavs pieced about their bodies for gold plated studs and rings to be inserted.
· Telechavs are the modern equivalent of the sideshow Geek seen in travelling shows in the USA in the 1930s, but are much more abundant.
Having one eye taken out (right eye is more fashionable) and replacing it with a gold plated orb is all the rage with telechavs.

Telechav speak: "ah fink am qween of media un stuff coz am stlye like dat un evryfink - rilly"
by Emu February 26, 2004
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