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A female name of Spanish descendants given to only the most gorgeous babies. The love of anyones life, a fallen angel with such delicate beauty and grace. She has beautiful brown eyes that glisten in the light and very soft skin as well a magnificent body. She can be considered a prime example of the most perfect girl to have ever walked the planet. She deserves only the best for she is so great that nothing else can come close to her perfection. Tekiesha is also a shy kind of person as she gets older and self conscious of herself, but only because she doesn't/wont admit she is beautiful. Tekiesha is a kind hearted genuine soul with much to gain out of life, a lovely person who anyone would be considered lucky to know.
Tekiesha is perfect

Think of what you think is beautiful, multiply it by 10, divide it by 5 then double it and thats how beautiful Tekiesha is.
by urban Dictionary definition 12 January 03, 2012
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