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A Swedish gamer on youtube. He makes many sexual puns, and speaks remarkable English for someone from Sweden. He specializes in making Modern Warfare 2 commentaries, often opening his videos with, "What up, dawgs? Tejb here, to tha face, to tha face!" or, "It's yer boi Tejb!" He is the most subscribed and viewed Swedish person on youtube, often saying his videos will make you touch yourself.

His real name is Tobias.
Viewer 1: "Did you see Tejb's newest Flawless Free for All on Underpass? He headshotted and was like, 'To tha face, to tha face!'"

Viewer 2: "Yeah dude, that Swede pwns some serious n00bs."

Viewer 1: "I totally love Tejbz! His pwnage with the Intervention sniper is totally unrivaled!"
by Nizzle Chrizzle Pizzle April 12, 2010
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A Swedish bloke who makes gaming commentary videos on YouTube. He's notable for his catchphrase ''To tha face''( which even spawned it's own song), his heavy Swedish accent, and mad COD skillz.
Damn dawg, you be rocking that map like Tejbz!
by Kippykapp January 19, 2011
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