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The sweetest and most perfect man ever . He's a lightskinned Nigerian boy with the most amazing eyes and smile . Teinane is a tough man and very possessive of his woman . He'd give his life for her and do anything to make her happy . He's a trustworthy friend extremely funny there's never a dull moment with him. People always wanna be around him but he likes to keep his circle small. His spirit land animal is the wolf ,his spirit sea animal is the Orca(killer whale) and his spirit bird is the owl.

Teinane has the best taste in music and the greatest fashion sense a lot of people try to copy him but they never come close. His a lot smarter than everyone else but tries to hide it. Hes artistic he's good at everything except math and dancing he also hates sports but loves video games. Every teinane will grow up and find himself a benimien and get married and live happily ever after.
From now on I'm gonna try to be exactly like teinane because I will be perfect

Teinane sure does love his girl and she's crazy about him too. Lucky girl

I'm sorry jake I'm breaking up with you I love teinane so much, I know we'd never be together but I wanna dedicate my time to fantasizing about his neck and eyes from now on
by Chiraq guerrila June 29, 2018
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