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A kid around 12, but most commonly 12 rarely 11 or 13, who looks to be the age of 14, 15, or 16. Normally found at parties where there are a variety of ages invited. older teens will strongly believe that these kids are of there slightly older age range but upon conversing will awkwardly discover otherwise.
Once they tell you you will be convinced that they are lying but you will not confront them on it for fear of scaring a kid... Also after discovering that they are so young you will probably feel like a pedophile.
Guy 1 (15): Hey see that girl over there?

Guy 2 (15): yeah. She's pretty hot.

Guy 1: yeah... you should go talk to her

Guy 2: (walks over to girl one) Hey

(after some basic "get to know you chat")

Guy 2: how old are you?

Teenkid: 12

Guy 1: ... (walks away)

Teenkid: ?
by Thon McCroyy July 07, 2011
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