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Teen models are beautiful girls who are starting glamorous careers while their peers in high school work at the local grocery store. And yet, it's those high-school girls who judge teen models. Often times calling them bitches, when really, they'd kill to be them. When talking to a teen model in NYC she told me it wasn't the industry that caused her to develop anorexia, rather it was the girls at her high school who'd say stuff behind her back "Kristin? She's not even that pretty! How's she a model?" Models often walk with a harsh expression on their faces and everyone put's it down to being a bitch when really, these girls are constantly being derailed for being skinny and pretty! And maybe, the snarl on their face is due to the 5 inch heels they've been told to strut around in. In reality, modeling is hard, you have to have a perfect walk, exact measurements (34-24-34), and then listen to everyone talk about how models are ruining our society. So, teen models are not only very beautiful people, but brave as well; to put up with everything the average person will say about them.

Female Teen Models are often times named Kendal, Karoline, Kristin, or Kylie. It just happens to be a trend i've noticed..
"did you see that hot girl?"
"yeah that's Karoline, the Teen Model!"
by Smileyface1233 December 25, 2012
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Someone who is shallow and think the world is just about looks, they say they look ugly to there friends when really they think their 'fit.' They tell everyone about modelling when no one really cares as everyone has normally got better qualifications than they have. They think the world evolves around them and that everyone should compliment them and they become a right bitch when you don't, and when you disagree with them.
Teen Model: OMG! I got through into teen modelling. Wish me luck i need it!!
You: erm? yeah you do need luck!
Teen Model: Just because i prettier than you, You stupid slag!
by anonyyyymousssss October 22, 2011
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