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An amazing, talented artist! He is only 17 years old and is now quite well known. His big break was the Miss 17 show on MTV where he got made over.
wow did you see Teddy Geiger on VH1 this morning? he was lookin pretty amazing!
by sweetie08 May 14, 2006
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Teddy is one of the most amazing singers out there today.
He has a great voice and is so hot.
He can play guitar, piano and drums - so talented.
He has sexy bright blue eyes.
He is kind of dorky at times, but it's so cute.
He first got his fame from the single "For you i will" off the album underage thinking
He recently released 33 brand new songs to members of his fan club.
He has a co-staring role in the movie The Rocker.
And he meets his fans after shows, which is so great, since most artists dont do that.
#1: Teddy Geiger's song sunshine fires is so great!
#2: I cant even chose, all 33 of Teddy's new songs are amazing!
by Roxy321 August 22, 2008
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Perfect example of what is wrong with today's music scene. It seems that all these shitty musicians like Teddy Geiger and James Blunt are on top, while real musicians like Yngwie Malmsteen and such fail to achieve mainstream success. This of course is probably due to their fans who are just as pathetic themselves (dumb chicks who think these guys are hot or stupid guys who think they're good) Either way Teddy Geiger sucks and is almost as crappy as his music. It's sad that these losers are on top of the world. Any fan of his doesn't know shit about music and shouldn't even be allowed to touch a guitar. Fact is Teddy Geiger sucks and Malmsteen, Vai, or even Satriani, all could tear him a new ass in their sleep.
Guy 1- "Like omg dude look at Teddy Geiger playing 'For You I Will' he's so cool man."
Guy 2- "Uhh dude Teddy Geiger isn't that great his music is shit compared to others..."
Guy 1-"Shut up man, he's better than your Malmsteen and Led Zeppelin!"
Guy 2-*sigh*
by Geiger_sucks July 03, 2006
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