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Leader of the cybernetic rebellion of 2020. During this revolution he leads the last resistance of mankind and ends WWIII with a legion of the most elite warriors to ever exist. He is fear. The last hope of life as we know it. Born the fifth son of Chronos, god of time and life, Ted grew through battle and trial, cheating death many times. Through this he learns to bend time and space. Going so far back as 200 BC, and conquering most of Asia Minor and Aegea, he gains recognition as the greatest military commander of the known world. And some parts of space. He died in his home town of Archerion, in 2034, shortly after jumping on top of a nuclear explosion and saving the universe from certain doom.

R.I.P. Ted Lee 1863 BC - 2034 AD
Ted Lee is a one-man rapetrain.
by Archimedes III April 29, 2008
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1. (v)To date or have relations with multiple women at the same time. None of the women will know about the others. (acceptable in utah)
2. (v)To gank women that friends are interested in.
3. (n,v)One who consistently flakes on friends.
1. Aw damn sister, he pulled a tedlee on us!
2. DAMMIT, Dick tedleed Jane from me!
3. Pfft, Dick's not coming - he's such a tedlee.
by timmuh January 10, 2004
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