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Part of Speech: v
Definition: The act of secretly playing with your genitals while others perform sexy and illusive dance moves. Tecting is not to be confused with masturbation.

Usage: also tecting, (n. used to describe)
Example: Don't be friends with that man, he's a Tector.

tecting Audio Help (těk-ting) Pronunciation Key
1. the undercover stimulation or manipulation of one's own genitals done for sexual self-gratification. usually accomplished by using large pockets or simply sliding your hand into your pants.
2. concealed stimulation, by manual or other means exclusive of coitus, of another persons genitals. (Tecting can also be a group activity.)
3. also known as Stealthy masturbation.

tr.v. tect·ed, tect·ing, tect·or

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Stay away from that boy in the corner, he is tecting.
by ismy0031 July 15, 2008
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Tect As The Street Slang Word Meanin’ A Thug At Ever Soo Much At Ever Str8 Thuggin’ & Ever Str8 Stuntin’.
Erstreet Tect At Ever Soo Much At Ever Str8 Thuggin’, Ever Str8 Stuntin’ & Ever Livin’ Life Fully. #Legit #Str8Dope #DatsWassup” - Da Goonie, Erstreet Harlem aka Harlem, Flea, Freshley, Freshley, Stuyvesant & Kiery Weiry.
by Hzr May 10, 2021
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