A beautiful, smart woman that can crack you up at any time. She is a social butterfly and will befriend any she meets. A little crazy at times but she knows how to have fun. She knows what she wants and all the guys want her. She is loyal and strong. If you have a Tecla in your life hold on tight you are lucky to have her.
I just meet the sweetest person she must be a Tecla.
by Rbfsc March 29, 2018
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Another word for breasts. Widely used amongst chicano youth. Word is said to have been started used in this context in the early 1700's.
Hector: Why is Manuel's shirt so big?
Thomas: I think he's trying to hide his teclas.
Hector: haha i think he's gonna need a parka to hide those beasts.
by Chubs-Stunner January 14, 2011
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