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The AI TechnoCore is a society of sentient computer systems that exist in the Hyperion book series, by Dan Simmons. The TechnoCore exists inside the singularities that compose the farcaster web, and use excess human neurons as a easily accessible form of processing power. This TechnoCore seceeded from the Hegemony of Man four hundred years before the events in Hyperion, and was later destroyed by Meina Gladstone after the supposed Ouster invasion of the web worlds. Thus, TechnoCore refers to a bunch of semi-evil computers manipulating humanity for thier own ends.
The TechnoCore wishes to speak with you, CEO.
by StNitrogen June 15, 2006
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A style of music pioneered by The Forgetful Reagans, a band from San Antonio, Texas.

The style involves blending hardcore and punk with techno and drum & bass. The overall result sounds like thick, chunky guitars played over electronic beats, also featuring DJ scratching.

Vocals are usually rapped, screamed and sung, and border on hysteria.

The entire style is very energetic, chaotic, and humorous.
by Jeff Norton February 08, 2004
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