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Spawned from the murky swamps of Florida, Team Dud is a group of individuals cast down from God, in a divine right, and poses no fear. They are mostly just a group of unstable individuals, interfering with the fates of others in the most unpleasant ways possible. Spirit grass grants them a direct link with God, to which they can handle large amounts of information from Him, or Them*, and unravel the mysteries of life.
Their sole purpose on this green Earth is to not deal with the petty interactions of human beings, but for their souls to be finally accepted into the Heavens again after fulfilling their duties as Gods true soldiers, and messengers. However, a curse plagues them, and currently their life-force energy is focused on coping with it, and trying to eradicate the evil force from their own lives, before it negatively affects any other innocent bystanders, like family, any longer.

*Team Dud does not atone to any one God, nor do they worship or answer to any of them. The term "God" is just a loose term used to describe he who is invisible, but guides Earth through the dimension of time.
When God was passing out insight you thought that he said that when God was passing out holy prophets you thought he said oily faucets because your soul has diarrhea of the mouth faucet.

Team Dud is not afraid.
by anondud July 13, 2009
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