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Team Driveway is a group of neighbors that retreat to ones driveway and drink excessive amounts of beer and whiskey/bourbon, as if they were training for some major competition. It is pertinent that the whiskey or bourbon is drunk straight from the bottle and passed around. Team members have nicknames given to them by elder members, these nicknames are usually not agreeable to the recipient. Urinating in the hosts yard is perfectly acceptable if stated that one is checking the downspouts or sump pump. Extremely brief research shows the original Team Driveway first congregated in Morrow, Ohio in 2009.
Team Driveway is gathering at Uncle C Words'. The Douche is bringing Miller Lite, Rain is bringing Yuengling, Bags is bringing Makers Mark. Lets try to get Lou and The Ripper to get in a Fight.
by Rain in Morrow March 12, 2011
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