A Super team slag is someone who plays as the best football team in video games all the time. It has come about mainly due to pro evolution soccer 4 on xbox live, where all the schlaaagggggssss always go Real Madrid, Inter etc. They often know very little about football and variety is never on their mind. Shhhlllaaaaaaaaags are being rejected by modern society however. A wonderful counter-attack has been invented by the infamous SteveUK007 (who is a super spam slag but thats another story). Basically you pick the same side as the slag and the same kit. As a result the game will be practically unplayable and the slag will leave crying to his mummy.
Elwapo is such a super team slag.

Maybe one day i'll play a team other than Real Madrid...
by JackBauer87 October 15, 2005
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A girl that has worked her way around a sporting team trying to shag as many of the players as possible.
Have you met Caroline?

Yeah she's a right team slag, been slipped a length by half the rugby squad.
by Danny Brow August 01, 2008
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