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Gorgeous brown eyes, a fun personality, and likes people when he wants to. He is warm-hearted and doesn't care shit about what other people think about him. Teagon likes to joke around with friends, does football and is a monster when it comes to hunting. He is a smart guy and is incredibly loyal. Teagon is pretty damn amazing.
Girl: Who's that dude that's making that chick laugh so hard?
Girl #2: That's Teagon!
by hot77 October 23, 2013
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Teagon is a beautiful, bright blue eye, sometimes mean, blonde hair, thin little lady, and thinks she is a lot of things in a good way, almost everyone loves her!!!
by JJBUG May 27, 2018
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The most amazing guy you can find. Usually A Teagon is smart,funny, and good looking. If you ever get to meet a teagon your lucky af . If you end up dating a Teagon your luck is never-ending.
Girl #1 woah who's that cute boy over there
Girl#2 that's Teagon the best man you could find
by Zulem May 20, 2018
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