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A Tcheky is a sort of toy. Not sexual, not very creative, it's just a human like plastic toy you can carry around and pass as your friend.

You can buy one for your brother or sister if said sibling is friendless.
Kelly: What did you get your granny for christmas?
Stacey: I got her a Tcheky because she has too many cats already.
by Bida666 August 09, 2011
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First name generally given to a certain social parasites who will attempt to objectify any and every person around them.

They tend to have somewhat mediocre physiques, and therefore to compensate for this they attempt to befriend members of the opposite sex, or members of the same sex who are acquainted with members of the opposite sex (hence they are social parasites as seen above).

As they are usually the sons of schoolteachers, they do well academically, however, they have no clear ambitions, and therefore waste much energy on things deemed pointless by everyone else.

They are masters of homo-erotic sex acts, including but not limited to: the alaskan pipeline.
Ruwani: What do you think of Tcheky?

Elizabeth: Ummm... Why?

Ruwani: He's been asking about you.

Elizabeth: No.

Ruwani: okay.
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