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Tayyab means purity. People with this name usually tend to be clever, smart, good at judging people and understanding them. This is also the name given to the Kalimah testifying faith in Islam.
Kalimah Tayyab: La Ilaha Ill Allah Muhammadur Rasool Allah (There is no god only Allah, Muhammad is the Rasool (Messenger) of Allah)
by @Tayyab July 11, 2013
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Tayyab is the best friend u will ever have he is nice, handsome, confident and is very funny everybody wants a Tayyab in their life

and he has big ass dingdong and gets them bitches daily there is no stopping Tayyab this man will take ur bitch and ur sandwich every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him.
if u have a friend named Tayyab ur lucky not everyone can say that's my Paki Tayyab

who's that boy with all them bitches he must be a Tayyab

When Tayyab walks down the road

people say hey look that's master long dick

girl sees Tayyab

he can be my sugar daddy
by Hi itz jeed November 03, 2016
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A tabby fat kid that usually eats a lot of honey. Basically Winnie the Pooh 2.0 but fatter
by Tafsfgh November 13, 2017
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