By far one of the most charismatic, kindhearted, wittiest, and prettiest women that can be found on the planet. Characterized by sharp sass, a perfect smile, and being not the quickest to trust. Most of the few issues she will encounter are mostly not on her fault, as most people, especially boys, will take her for granted. But no matter what, as long as she displays her beauty, brains, and heart, the world will keep spinning.
Onlookers: Holy shit, Tayva is beautiful!
by cmackeral July 01, 2018
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Tayva is a fun girl. When your friends with her she can really hype you up and is super supportive of you when you get sad. When she dislikes you she can be slyly cruel to you. She's obsessed with online shopping, and making her aesthetic super cute. She definitely has a crush on this one guy, but pretends to just be friends with him. She has a million tank tops, but covers them up with cute hoodies at school. She is secretly really good at school, but she pretends her life is a mess. Tayva is super cute and had a thick bod, but is always saying she's ugly. She's the girl who is always on tiktok but never really makes any, and just scrolls really fast through her for you page.
"Tayva is always talking about her aesthetic! "
by Sabine is missing October 15, 2019
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