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When a guy is buff, hot and has a great smile but waaaaaaay too many chicks chasing him. Awesome when he likes you back. Adam Abajian has this... Too bad half the class likes him, I'm just a friend to him.
Me: *Sigh* Adam is so hot...

Alyssa: Don't even go there, he has Taylor Lautner syndrome. All the girls want him.

Me: Damn his hot abs...
by That hot girl nobody remembers October 07, 2010
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A version of little man's syndrome where a guy that is short can't get jobs that requires you to be tall (Movies, Sports, a Tall girl's boyfriend) and thus so overcompensates by apparently weight training (possibly shooting up Steroids). This is supposed to draw off the attention of his short stature and draw the appearance of "having great abs". It gives you the role of a fit for a tall athletic six-foot tall person but since you have abs impossibly to get with average weight training (I wonder why), you get it instead. It even makes women too tall for you magically attracted to you.
Taylor lautner is 5'6, and he didn't want to admit he is short to play a role that is fit for a six-foot tall person since the character is 6'7. So he does the "second best" and possibly shoot up roids to look like a tree stump. It's too bad "weight training" doesn't make you taller but it didn't matter as the producers of Twilight knew a good pair of abs makes women of all heights and ages drool. It's because of him, anybody doing the same thing is given the *Taylor Lautner syndrome* title to them.
by Bay Area Resident 925 November 29, 2009
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