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Taylor High School

A school located in Piece of shit Pierson, Florida where 90% of the school is Hispanics that roam the halls and wear their non name brand clothing. FFA is maximum capacity every year due to the amount of Hillbillies that go to Taylor High School. The sports teams suck ass and it consists of the Softball Sluts, Bitchy baseball players, The cheerleaders are hideous, wanna-be anorexic bitches with acne-covered faces. The Football players drink each other's ball sweat after practice everyday and do steroids to look cool, when they cant when a game. It's an extremely beautiful campus, with alot of ugly bitches. If you want to be in the "popular" crowd, sleep around with every STD infested guy at this school, which are most of them. There are at least 20 pregnant Mexicans a year. The Gym coach is a pedophile that wears short shorts, and women's gym shoes. Don't go to Taylor unless you want your profession to be under the following categories:
Coke head
STD-infested bitch
Guy: Dude! I'm switching to Taylor High School!
Guy 2: Cool man, hook me up with some roofies.
by Bitches in the houze dont know September 14, 2011
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A piece of shit school that is washed up of annoying preps and wanna-be scenes. Taylor High School otherwise known as THS has a terrible football team and a shortage of cute guys. Taylor is a terrible school and full of backstabbers and people who don't give a fuck.
Taylor High School is the worst school ever.
by Jdjdh May 22, 2011
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