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An amazing, incredibly hot, smart and caring person, who is always there for you no matter what, who always cheers you up and treats you amazingly even when other people don't.

Sometimes miss-judged by people who are jealous of a Taylin's good looks and personality.
Person 1: Wow, my day was horrible.

Person 2: You need a Taylin, to cheer you up.
by jaaaaaaaaay November 08, 2011
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Is a beautiful girl, who makes anyone envious of her. she has no idea, how bad the effect she has people. she is smart, and knows how to party, love all her friends, and she flirts with guys sometimes. Loves animals, and she is very down to earth, thoughtful of others and protects her close friends you are lucky to have a friend named Taylin! or like her.. the world loves you Taylin.
Wow look at the beautiful girl shes so Taylin!
Look at her grades she is so smart that Taylin.
Man i wish me and Taylin were friends...
by Cats13mero June 12, 2011
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