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From 'The Wheel of Time' by 'Robert Jordan' :
The Wheel weaves as the Wheel will. All people are threads in the web, but the Wheel weaves the pattern of the web around Taveren. Taveren are the centre points in web and so their lives are determinant by pattern.
- Go or stay. Together or apart. It doesn't matter. You all three are Taveren. Even I can see it and I don't have that talent. Just by what happens around you.

"No more! I don't want to hear about that any more!"

- Weather you hear it or not it is still true. The wheel of time weaves the pattern of the age. Using the lives of men for thread. And you three are taveren : Centerpoints of the weaving.

"No more!"

- For a time the wheel will bend the pattern around you three whatever you do. And whatever you do is more likely to be chosen by the wheel then by you.
by CryptoScorpius August 18, 2008
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The state of being one around which the Pattern is woven. The Pattern and the Wheel both protect ta'veren jealously, making them nigh-immortal, a ta'veren can be reduced to a crippled vegetable, but somehow will still complete their task.
ta'veren, can't die. Bitch.
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A person who misunderstood has one path which everyone's thinks they will take cause their good but deep down there's something else they love more he/she is kind sweet and loves making people laugh. They have a large imagination and wants to follow their dreams. They have a lot of secrets with no one there for them they will listen to u and try to give there best opinion. They believe in love at first sight and knows that love is love and expects everyone know matter what. Taveren is one who loves the world watching them and to make people happy. They are usually alone because no one cares but they still try to fly high but some times just want to give up
Kid #1 "why are you so quiet"
Taveren "idk"
Inside taveren "maybe because no one cares for my side"
by Tdub1427 July 20, 2017
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