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Tatienne, the most gorgeous girl to ever be on Earth.

Sensitive, hardworking, attractive, if you touch her hair, electricity will pass through you. You will often hear the phrase "I got struck by lightening 7 times" simply because by the 8th time you touch her hair, you will be burned down to ashes.

A girl with endless talent, great skill, and power that can change the world. If you see her, get her signature, for one day she will be famous and sucessful.

If you are lucky enough to be her boyfriend, it must mean that in your past 1000 lives, you did enough kind things to match up the evilness of Rebecca Black.

If you're her friends. Lucky you will be the things she'll treasure forever.
Oh Tatienne! I know her! She's the girl that blinded me with her sparkling eyes!
by ALIENNN!!~! June 12, 2011
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