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Tateeyanna meaning "Fairy Queen" is from Russian heritage.Tateeyannas are usually very nice, fun-loving, sweet, beautiful girls.They are laid-back yet out going and got that million dollar smile.The types that will always be loyal and when they love,they love you with all their heart.They attract people easily and are easy to fall in love with but careful because they are hard to get.A Tateeyanna is not one to mess with.The girl is usually always reading, laughing, or exploring. Tateeyanna is a fairly lovable girl that's generous and happy. Tateeyanna has a lot of good friends but she isn't popular. Tateeyanna's usually have a good sense of humor and they are talented. Tateeyanna's are interesting people.A strong woman who likes the simple things in life."A LOVER NOT A FIGHTER".Trust is important to a Tateeyanna.Likes to look forward in life,responsible,a singer yet shy.The type you can take home to meet mom.She's the coolest girl you'll ever meet. She's fun to be around and is always there to help you when you need it. She's sexy and is confident about herself. She's shy and loud all at the same time. She's seen a million movies and read a million books. She's caring and passionette. She's afraid of what will happen if she spills her secrets, yet she's willing to do it.A good friend who is always there to help or listen.Name is often abbreviated to Tot.
1. Is that Tateeyanna?
2. Do you mean that sweet girl?
1. Yeah.
2. I guess, lets go find out. I hear she is easy to get along with.
by Trixie Pooh July 06, 2011
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