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Tasia is a nice, cool, pretty funny girl! She's a great friend and always makes people laugh. She also has a very out unique and cool name. :)
Tasia is a awesome cool funny and pretty friend. :)l
by mirandaisawesome November 02, 2013
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A woman who is passionate, driven, determined, has an open heart and would do anything for the people she loves. A dynamite lover who brings you past the peaks of ecstasy in ways you couldn't imagine.
Carl: Look at the drive in her. She must be a Tasia.
by ootwpcs March 16, 2010
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T'asia is a girl that cares for all her friend s is a great lover and is sexy as hell she make your man haye you n 2.3 seconds has one true bestfriend whos name starts with a S .she will aslo truely take any man she wants .
Boy 1:I used to dated her

Boy 2:You jagged big time and aint no getting her back Should of kept her when you had her

Boy 1: I think i still love her
T'asia is fine as hell
by Yashia Marsha February 26, 2017
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Taisa oh were do i start, Tasia's are the best people you can come across they're sweet, loving, crazy. A true master piece but if you get your self associated with a Tasia, Girl you better get ready cause its a crazy ride but not to worry she'll love you and care for you. Honestly never and i say NEVER get in to bad terms with Tasia because her homies will pull up , and if your burn the bridge between you and her, it will be very hard to build that friend ship back up, she mostly likely has brown eyes and has curly hair.
"Omg i cant believe it!"
"tasia really trust me as her bff!"
"yea dont turn your back on her shes special"
by nayyynay June 14, 2018
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