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Norwegian drink made of homemade spirits (heimert) and tea, usually Earl Grey. In one cup (or several), one pours 96%-pure alcohol from your uncle's basement distillery, add one teabag until the spirits are tinted, add sugar, drink. Could be heated, but not to more than 60 degrees Celsius as it will ruin the booze.

Great success in afterparties, and can with the help of karsk (same drink but hot and with coffee instead of tea) make them last until not only the wee hours of the night, but the wee hours of the following day as well.
"Life is awful, bring more tarsk!"

"Have you tasted the latest tarsk, inspired by China? Now with green tea and only one lump of sugar!"

"Harumeir TARSK eillj!?" (local TrΓΈndelag dialect for "Is there any more tarsk?)
by tarskybabee May 11, 2010
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tarsk is a unique combinations of HAR and TSK when both words are combined they make a devastating expression !!
THUS tarsk was borned !

GIRL : TARSK TARSK... skupid loser
by NEWBIE February 19, 2005
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