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This spanish word, actually written like tarrú, is a very derogatory term in the latin american cultures. It means that you are some dude that know your girlfriend/wife is cheating on you, but you do nothing about it, pretend you don't know anything, and keep the relationship publicly. Of course, everybody knows what she's on to and laugh at your face.
Tarru translated literally means "a guy with big horns", which is another way of graphically depicting this kind of individuals.
Juan: Ese tipo es un tarru, su jeva cambia el aceite todos los dias con el hermano mio.
Pedro: Pero el lo sabe?
Juan: Yo creo que no...
Pedro: Ah! entonces no es tarru. Tarru es el que lo sabe y lo aguanta.
Juan: Bueno, ya ese es un punto filosofico.
by cubanoTeacher October 20, 2006
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