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The phenomenon that occurs when a person walks into target knowing what to buy and leaves spending a lot more money and buying more things than expected.
I went to target to pick up a dish rack and some paper towels. I walked out with a dish rack, paper towels, sheets, comforter, barbecue grill, and a shredder. Looks like I have target syndrome.
by Niqsta June 26, 2010
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The unfortunate ailment that occurs when a minute case of swamp ass leads to a specific case of road rash resembling a target. The anus forms the bulls eye of the target, and depending on the severity, one or more rash rings may form. These uncomfortable rings of pain force the affected person to walk like a penguin with an unreal case of rickets. In the worst case scenario, symptoms may persist for 3 or more days. In some cases baby wipes up the butt hole may help as long as they flower out for maximum coverage. Lotion every hour on the hour is strongly suggested.
Michael could not attend his P.E. class Thursday because he was forced to lay on his stomach and shower baby powder onto his rear end to put out the fire associated with his case of target syndrome.
by Catfish Billy April 26, 2011
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