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Middle to lower class people who shop at Target, Most often having snobbish attitude, with a litter of unruly children, who scream without reprimand. Target guests leave a wake of spilled drinks, and popcorn on the floor . Dirty diapers in shopping carts or anywhere else bio hazards don't belong. Their language is composed of a dialect unknown to most hygiene conscientious humans ex:Shopping cart: translation= a portable and completely free Garbage Can on wheels can also be used as a ,Diaper Pail,or Kleenex receptacle.
They can't read
ex: Buy 3 of this item get a$5 gift card.They will have in their cart maybe one correct item, two incorrect items ,or only 2 items total. Upon being shown the add promotion, and reading the "details " to them, they ALWAYS insist "That's not what the sign said on the shelf". So therefore Target employees spend an estimated average of 2000 hours a year and 20,000 miles walking around the store to bring the "sign" up to the checkout lane . Then while the other Target Guests become greatly annoyed,and huffy,They'll decide then ,that they" don't want it!"

They are restroom destroyers ,this process occurs within an average of 15 minutes from. hourly cleaning.They lack manners and are completely oblivious to anyone around them while shopping. Target guests are known for having poor eyesight . "The dinette set wont fit in my Prius!?" A Target guest can also be identified by their poor driving skills upon entering any store parking lot.
After the tsunami, a comment was made that "Wow it looks as i f a "Target Guest"came through here yesterday." Sure looks Targhetto.
If the Super Bowl Party is at a Target Guest's house this year ,I'm not going cause all that beer I plan on drinkin' uh ,uh , not using that filthy bathroom!
by chmpbmxgirl March 09, 2014
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