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A friend who's a (re)tard and walks fast with his head down and avoids conversations with others. He thinks he's cooler than his "friends" that carry Macbook Pros with his Lenovo Thinkpad. Also enjoys playing games with kids who are less than 10. He's also Jewish as he plays Combat Arms, APB, and all F2P games in general. Also, generally in a butthurt mood. Generally, a complete retard who's Jewish.
It's 7am. Our subject, Tardnold, is now in the mood for something a little "hardcore". he puts on his noise canceling gaming headset and goes to his pornographic website of choice. he finds a nice video and gets into position. unknown to tardnold, he forgot to lock his bedroom door, and his mother happens to bring him a plate of pancakes for breakfast. she is horrified at the site of this. her own son jacking off. she taps him on the shoulder, and he flips, accidentally dropping his laptop on the ground, and the plate of pancakes in his mother's hand. left on the ground is a mass of computer parts, maple syrup, and the semen of the subject. No laptop. No pancakes. No respect from his mother. Tardnold
by Swaggatron October 23, 2011
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