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When a girl has three guys at once, one in the mouth and two with each hand - looking like a tara dactyl.
by chelsea March 22, 2003
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a girl whose looks are as that of a bird; or simply an ugly girl who dresses dirty and bad
"I called Shayla a taradactyl to her face only because she know it's true."
by Laidee May 30, 2007
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one girl and 5 guys, one in every hole, and hand.
john jack, bill, nick and i totally tara-dactyled that slut in apt.4a
by Spicks September 26, 2005
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Other wise known as a man's penis.
Chuck: "Dude look at his taradactyl, i CANT compete with that."


Carmen: "He was being a complete jerk, so i kicked him in the taradactyl."
by Carmen mane April 25, 2009
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