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A condition, common among middle and highschool girls, presents itself as a vile orange fake tan. Spray on tan, tanning booth, all are ways of contracting Tanerexia. It is nearing epidemic status at MKA...

It can also be used as a noun, to describe one who has Tanerexia.

Other forms of calling someone a tanerexic are - Orange Bob (those Tanerexics who also have orange hair) and Tanaholic, a slightly more polite version.
Jill is such a frigging tanerexic. She could hide in a bucket of oranges!
by Mike Dunn May 22, 2006
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a person who is addicted to tanning. They usually can be easily spotted as they have unusually tan skin for their race.
"I hope you get skin cancer you tanenerexic bitch"
by Hilary March 21, 2004
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