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Tammara is the girl you refer to as the life of the party ! Everyone loves her her, and her smile makes everyone's day. She knows just what to wear and what to do at the right times , everyone needs them a Tammara she's the greatest to be around!
Alexander : Hey have you seen that girl Tammara ? She's on fire !
Mike: Yes she's a bad one for sure !!
by GodsGift1050095 March 09, 2017
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Is what most people refer to as "the naughty librarian" . Use caution when approaching a Tammara if her hair is down and the glasses come off. Tamarras are also well known for their loud heel clomping when entering a room or building, not totally unlike the sound of a clydesdale .
See that girl over there? Her name is Tammara ,but I call her Marion the naughty librarian .
by Skippy the great February 04, 2010
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