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An amazing and gorgeous girl. Her smile can light up an entire room and her laugh is contagious. She has never ending amounts of beauty inside and out. Her looks are outstanding as she is such a stunning young lady. She as seen by males as hot pretty sexy stunning and flawless while also being full of sass an envy to all the other girls at school it's no wonder that she gets boys going wild and swarming her everywhere she goes. Every boy wants her and every girl wants to be her. But for one lucky boy he will get the chance to be let into her heart (most likely a funny hot guy who suits her) and will be kept there in a fun loving relationship. Anyone who gets to even know a Tamikah is blessed with the chance to possibly be part of her life. If you ever get a Tamikah be sure to never let her go as she will leave a mark on your heart mind and life forever.
Wow she's dropdead gorgeous she must be a Tamikah

Damn that chicks hot definitely a Tamikah

Dude I need a Tamikah in my life she's the whole package

Mate I just dumped my girlfriend how am I ever gonna get over her she was such a Tamikah

Hey look at her it's so unfair sheets all the guys so Tamikah
by Batgirl1902 November 02, 2017
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