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A person who is so weird that people fw only because their weird too.

Tameer's are weird people. They do weird things that no one can think of or give a fuck to do. They like to stay by other people and be weird but no one accepts that shit.

Tameer's arent perfect and usually fuck up a lot. Most Tameer's are pisces or libras. Tameer's are usually lazy, petty, or sleep ,but when they want something they get it not even by force.

Tameer's due to being Pisces or Libra have remarkable flirting talents even though they are weird af. They are usually a good ideas for dating because they are shy or sexual. They usually are always ahead a person in their mind because they are so weird and say weird things about the earth.They can predict many things.
Dude your so fucking weird, what are you?! A Tameer?!!
by Noobsly April 17, 2017
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The act of being such a total dickweed cunt that everybody dies...
Dude, stop, you're killing me. Stop being such a Tameer.
by InfernoPower7 November 07, 2016
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