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Noun: Born in Tasmania. Tamaroo is a very rare and beautiful creature that is half human half marsupial. The physical appearance of this creature is an absolute perfection of beauty, and being part Marsupial has the addition of a cute comfortable 'pouch'. Tamaroo is the most beautiful, smart, and purest person out there. Also may appear to be fragile but that is only a facade. She is the strongest person you will ever know. Although most people will never come across this intriguing being in their lifetime but if you do discover Tamaroo never ever let her go.
Con - Tamaroo is the most beautiful and perfect person I have ever known. I will truly love her forever.

Jon - You lucky son of a bitch.

Con - Scoop me up in your pouch Tamaroo, I want cuddles!

Tamaroo - *scoops up Con*
by Jus a lucky guy August 19, 2012
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