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Tamarkus is an amazing friend (or anything more). He is adorable and is confident, which is very attractive. Although he's a confident soul, he tends to shelter his emotions within. Some days he is moody but tries not to let things bother him compared to others. He doesn't stay moody for long; after an hour or two, he's back to his regular self. His regular self is friendly and rather quiet. Most of the time you have to stir up conversation, but sometimes he is surprising and will make a conversation of his own. When it comes to flirting, he does it by picking on the one he likes. However, if he knows someone who he likes is taken, he is respectful and keeps the conversation within the "friend zone". Tamarkus is very athletic although he doesn't do well in the sport he loves; basketball. He stays physically fit, but sneaks a few snacks in here and there. He's a great listener and has a better memory than most, so whatever you tell him will be locked in his mind and kept as a secret; he's not like normal guys; he doesn't tell people's business. Tamarkus is also very caring and considerate of others' feelings. When you're having a bad day, he will be there to give advice. As for commitment, Tamarkus is very faithful and trustworthy. When he falls in love, he falls hard and gives the relationship 100%. Tamarkus is an all around awesome guy; somebody everyone should get to know.
Person: "I have had a horrible day."
Tamarkus: "Oh really? Tell me about it. Maybe I can help."
by ajs1226 January 03, 2014
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