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Taliya is the best friend anyone could wish for. Everbody needs a Taliya in there life. She will care for you if you are down. Like she is your bestfriend for life. Taliya is so special.
Taliya is irreplaceable. She is more than a friend, she is a sister. She is a loving person. She will accomplish life goals with you.
by Paris Marie January 15, 2018
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she is the most beautifulest girl in the world she has an awesome personality and a gorgeous smile she can make every man happy and she is fine as hell shes also down to earth and knows how to dance:)
omg that girl is soooo a taliya
by justin bieber lover December 14, 2009
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Biggest slut ever. She’ll steal your man without even blinking once. Smokes weed to be cool and sticks her butt out in pictures even though she doesn’t have one. She says the n word although she’s not even black and calls other girls fat. Just a bad person overall.
Taliya doesn t have a butt
by ansnsnsn February 03, 2018
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