My man Taleh has the biggest cock ever man! He the Kind of man you just want inside you! Even if you are a man! (especially if you are a man).
Taleh just asked out my girl! I ain't even mad, I just thought me and Taleh had something special...
by Fuadhasalargerooter__ December 2, 2021
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The fifth capital of the Darwiish, after Buuhoodle-Qoob Fardood (1896-1900), Weylahed (1901), Lassader (1902-1904), Halin (1908-1909), Taleh (1910-1920)
He hails from Taleh
by readyforthemoon55 August 21, 2019
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Just a amazing guy.
There are only limited Talehs in the world.
If you have one keep it carefully
I am sooo lucky that i have a Taleh
by Fardoob November 20, 2021
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