When you go to the toilet and achive more 'sitting' than 'shitting'
It may be that you are just lazy and hiding from the boss, got carried away reading a magazine or maybe you are genuinely constipated!?!
Any of the above can be considered 'Taking a Sit'
Example 1
Tim: That was a good sit!
Tom: What do you mean?
Tim: I Must have a bit of corn stuck in the cilo!
Tom: Sick

Example 2
Boss: Where have you been for the past half hour
Employee: I was going toilet
Boss: Oh, I see, you were taking a sit
by RIPSHITnBUST June 28, 2011
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To sit on the toilet to shit, but nothing comes out. Result being 'a sit'.
It took Audrey 8 minutes to realize that she was in the bathroom only to take a sit, and nothing more.
by backotruck October 28, 2013
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To calm and sit down
When a person is yelling and you tell them to take a sit.
by Autumncat November 23, 2015
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