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To take an entire blunt down by yourself. The guy who says it's just a really hard blunt hit is a dipshit.

Usually called facing the blunt. Assuming it's a halfway decent L (mids or better, .8+) will get you pretty fucked up (higher than the typical smoker will usually get on an average evening). Also, smoking with others means you can take shotgun hits, which get you real fucked up real fast.

Blunts themselves are the best way to smoke mids or lower grade BC (beaster), but for better BC or headies you want a nice piece. The combination of weed and tobacco make for a good stoned feeling, but really fiery shit gives you energy, and you don't want tobacco combining with that, making you feel weird.
I rolled up an L last night but my boys didn't wanna smoke, so I faced that fucker. I don't normally take a blunt to the face, but it felt right.
by kickflipthecat March 25, 2009
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To hit a blunt so hard you get so stoned and dont know what the fuck you are doing
I wanted to take my lunch break and take a blunt to the face but i got fired cuz when i did i came back in and i was so high i couldnt do shit
by Da Plague (James) February 28, 2008
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